Happy National Day, Romania! Officials’ messages on December 1


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President Klaus Iohannis is addressing a message to the Romanians on Tuesday on the National Day, then he is attending the military parade in Constitutiei Square and is having a video conference with the Romanian military in the theatre of operations.

Also on the occasion of the National Day, the Romanian president will get some officers’ stripes in a ceremony due at Cotroceni Palace.

However, the annual reception on National Day hosted by the Presidential Palace has been cancelled this year. According to official sources, President Iohannis decided to call it off following the Colectiv tragedy and the terror attacks in Paris. Politicians, cultural and sport personalities, businessmen and diplomats, representatives of the foreign embassies to Romania are usually attending the reception.

Victoria Palace, the Romanian Government HQs opens its gates for visitors on December 1, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, with PM Dacian Cioloș and Minister for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, Violeta Alexandru ready to welcome the guests.

The prime minister is previously attending the military parade in Constitutiei Square.

Premier Ciolos said in a message on the National Day of Romania posted on his Facebook page on Monday that the need to be together remains a goal for the Romanians around the world and on December 1 this feeling can make us want more from the place we call home.

“Dear Romanians, in December 1918 the Romanian historical provinces got together after long years when they all had but one goal: to be together. Now, 97 years on, the need to be together remains a goal for the Romanians from around the world… December 1 is the day when we all feel we are Romanians and that to be together, no matter where we are, can be that feeling that should make us want more from the place we call home”, the prime minister said in a video message.

He stressed that during the time he is the chief of the Government he will try to set “once and for all” as a direction the wish to have a country to be proud of not only for its history, but for its present, too.

“Here, at home, we have a country to be proud of not only for its history, but its present, too. A country where decency and hope are together, the respect of everybody and the merits of everybody are recognized, where governing is dedicated to the country, where the results are seen, where honest work is rewarded by merit, justice triumphs and transparency is the rule, not the exception. This is the country where I want to be a prime minister and as long as I hold this position I will try to set once and for all this direction to which we should go. Romania in which we should trust, Romania we should all enjoy,” Ciolos said.

In his turn, Interior Minister Petre Tobă delivered his message a day before December 1, saying that if on December 1, 1918 we used to affirm our identity as Romanian nation, we have built an European identity through reliability and consistency for almost a century.

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