Honorary adviser of PM Tudose resigns after asking PSD’s Dragnea to resign


The honorary adviser to Prime Minister Mihai Tudose released criticism on Monday his Facebook page against PSD leader Liviu Dragnea for the fact that he does not resign and rhetorically asks: “We really have more to do than to watch the endless judiciary Odyssey of Mr. Dragnea.”

Attorney Gheorghe Piperea announced Monday evening that he has decided to resign from his position as honorary adviser to Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, stating that the head of the Executive has agreed to his decision.

“I have decided to resign as honorary advisor of the prime minister, who has agreed. I do not want to take the public attention and shift the administration’s agenda. The most important and urgent issues are the Tax Code and the relative debate on the laws of justice, plus the economic conditions set in the financial and banking laboratories, conditions that are expected to be harsh in 2018,”  Piperea wrote on Facebook. He states that neither the prime minister nor any member of the ruling parties has asked him to resign.

“The initiative was mine. I remain the same person,” Piperea added.

The resignation came hours after his post on Facebook, asking for Dragnea’s resignation. Gheorghe Piperea’s reaction came after the DNA announced on Monday the start of the prosecution in against Dragnea a new file, hotnews.ro informs.

“For how long will one man pollute the public agenda with his personal problems, hunted by a system he protected hitherto and partnered with? Why doesn’t Mr. Dragnea resign, in order to prove his innocence and, even more so, to gloriously prove that benefit of doubt is worth being saved for the politicians too? We are in a cage, for a long time,” Piperea wrote.

The DNA officially announced on Monday, after the hearing, that Liviu Dragnea is criminally prosecuted for abuse of office, embezzlement of EU funds and setting up an organized criminal group while he was head of the Teleorman County Council. The charges were related to favouring TelDrum, the company reportedly set up by Liviu Dragnea, in assigning some contracts.

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