How do the two presidential candidates rank in the betting houses?

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The shares provided by the betting houses for the presidential election runoff give Klaus Iohannis as front-runner, with Viorica Dăncilă at long range.

Klaus Iohannis has a share of 1.06 to win at a bookmaker that also provides bets on politics. That means that who is betting on RON 100 on Iohannis winning election will get back only RON 106.
On the other side, the PSD candidate has a share of 8.00, which means that if she wins, the gambler will get in return eight times more money.
According to the betting houses, Iohannis is not only favorite to win , but to obtain a high amount of votes unlike his contender. Those who bet that the incumbent president will get more than 60% of the votes receive a share of only 1.35.
Those who bet on a turnout lower than 50.5% get a share of 1.90.

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