How have politicians commented the President’s announcement on the referendum?


While ruling coalition’s politicians called the potential referendum announced by President Iohannis on May 26 as „uninspired” and „parasite” that is mixing the European affairs with domestic issues, the Opposition hailed the initiative.

President Klaus Iohannis has stated that he “is almost determine” to call a referendum on the same day with the EP election, on May 26.

PSD deputy, former Labour minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu said the President should be more determined and ask the question about the referendum.

I say to allow the President to sit and think in peace, the way he does it every time. We cannot comment for now for he is almost determined, let’s wait for him to be a resolute man, to come and say what is the question for this referendum and only then we’ll be able to comment. For now, another parasite topic is launched for debate,” said Vasilescu.

Asked of the Social Democrat Party would be affected by this referendum, she replied „not at all”, also asking „why should it bother us?”

In his turn, deputy speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache, has stated that the topic of the referendum has nothing to do with the campaign, as it is „a parasite” topic.

We are waiting for the question, so, his term will end by the time he finishes thinking. It is a parasite topic, which has nothing to do with the campaign, we are talking about Europe, about what the Romanian MEPs will do and how should they endorse Romania,” Iordache pointed out. He also accused Klaus Iohannis of alredy being on electoral campaign.

Former President Traian Basescu (PMP) said that it is inappropriate for president Iohannis to be undecided at this moment on initiating the referendum, for he received the Parliament’s green light for this initiative since 2017.

Of course, any referendum has its risks, and I will not count on questions referring to justice. For it’s risky. The first thing that should be amended were those 100 articles in the criminal codes that have been declared unconstitutional,” Basescu said.

Liberals announced they will endorse any decision of the President, but they did not clearly mention if they want a referendum.

USR deputy Ionut Mosteanu argued: „It is a moment of truth when Romanians can tell the current rulers: gentlemen, you won the political power to increase economy, to develop the country, not to amend the justice laws to get rid of jail”.

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