How many County Councils PSD, PNL, UDMR Win? Romania’s Representatives in Brussels


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The PSD increased its control to 25 County Councils after winning 20 in 2020, and the liberals fell from 17 four years ago to 12 in the June 9 election, election results show. UDMR has now obtained four County Councils: Covasna, Harghita, Mureș and Satu Mare.

As for the results for EP election, the latest data from the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) suggest that PSD will have 11 mandates in the European Parliament, PNL – 8, AUR – 6, United Right Alliance (ADU) – 3, UDMR – 2, SOS – 2 and the independent Nicu Ștefănuță will also go to Brussels.

PSD obtained control over 25 counties, while PNL has only 12 counties, and UDMR – four, show the partial results, sent by the Central Electoral Bureau, to the County Councils and the town halls of the county residences. The liberals lost historical regions such as Suceava, Prahova and Timiș, while USR has only two victories in the town halls of Timișoara, with Dominic Fritz, and Bacău, with Lucian Viziteu.

EP seats

The latest data provided by BEC, after counting more than 97% of the votes, show that PSD won 11 MEP mandates, PNL – 9 mandates. George Simion’s party obtained 6 mandates, the United Right Alliance – 3 mandates, and the UDMR – two mandates. Diana Șoșoacă and Luis Lazarus also obtained a mandate as a member of the European Parliament, running on behalf of the SOS party. Nicu Ștefănuță is the only independent candidate who manages to enter the European Parliament.

USR managed in 2019, with USR-PLUS, to win over 166,500 votes from the diaspora in the European parliamentary elections, with a score of 43.90%. Five years later, in Sunday’s elections, USR, with the United Right Alliance, collected just over 34,200 of the votes of Romanians in the diaspora, i.e. 16.34%, according to the results so far.

List of future Romanian MEPs


1. Mihai Tudose (PSD)

2. Rareş Bogdan (PNL)

3. Gabriela Firea (PSD)

4. Dan Motreanu (PNL)

5. Claudiu Manda (PSD)

6. Adina Vălean (PNL)

7. Victor Negrescu (PSD)

8. Vasile Dîncu (PSD)

9. Daniel Buda (PNL)

10. Maria Grapini (PSD)

11. Gheorghe Cârciu (PSD)

12. Siegfried Mureșan (PNL)

13. Dragoş Benea (PSD)

14. Mircea Hava (PNL)

15. Dan Nica (PSD)

16. Gheorghe Falcă (PNL)

17. Ștefan Mușoiu (PSD)

18. ⁠Roxana Mînzatu (PSD)

19. Virgil Popescu (PNL)


1. Cristian-Vasile Terheș

2. Claudiu-Richard Târziu

3. Gheorghe Piperea

4. Maria-Georgiana Teodorescu

5. Adrian-George Axinia

6. Șerban-Dimitrie Sturdza

United Right Alliance (USR, PMP, Forța Dreptei):

1. Dan Barna (USR)

2. Vlad Voiculescu (USR)

3. ⁠Eugen Tomac (PMP)


1. Iuliu Winkler

2. Lorant-Gyorgy Vincze

S.O.S România:

1. Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă

2. Luis-Valentin Lazarus


  1. Nicu Stefanuta
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