How many EP plenary sessions did Romanian MEPs attend last year?

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MEP Adina Vălean representing the National Liberal Party from Romania has the lowest presence in the European Parliament’s plenary session votes in 2015 among the Romanian MEPs- 62.2 %, while Cristian Preda (EPP) ranks first on presence-99.37%, according to

Preda addressed the EP plenum 88 times, cooperated as rapporteur at the 2014 annual Report on human’s rights and drafted three other reports.

UDMR MP Csaba Sogor ranks second on activity in the EP, with 99.2 % and 107 speeched in the plenum, while Liberal Traian Ungureanu comes third.

Former president of the National Liberal Party Theodor Stolojan reported a 97.86% turnout.

At the opposite end, Liberal MEP Adina Vălean recorded the lowest turnout- 62.02%, addressing the EP plenum 73 times. Social Democrat Dan Nica ranks second on lowest turnout, with 64.39%, independent MEP Mircea Diaconu, famous Romanian actor attended the EP plenary votes 69.72% last years, while Cristian Bușoi- 70.11 %.

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