Hoyt Yee: There are Romanian, Hungarian officials suspected of corruption banned to enter USA


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Addressing the hearing held at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Europe, Brian Hoyt Yee, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs told the US congressmen that there are Romanian and Hungarian governmental officials that are banned to travel to USA due to some corruption suspicions.

The hearing tackled the situation in Hungary and relations with USA. The participants in a hearing in the US Congress on the future of US-Hungary relations said in agreement on Tuesday that The United States and Hungary are allies that should openly clarify any disputes between each other, Daily News Hungary informs.

While praising the security policy cooperation between US and Hungary, yet Hoyt Yee expressed concern for the “erosion of democratic institutions in Hungary.

In retort, Romanian PM Victor Ponta said he had no information regarding persons working in the Romanian Gov’t who banned to enter the American territory due to some corruption-related problems. “I have no information about this, as I don’t have information either about intelligence officers in the Government. If you these persons, please, let me know,” Ponta answered a journalist’s question on this topic.

Romanian Foreign Ministry also replied, mentioning for Hotnews that it wasn’t informed by the USA related to any ban, arguing the denials are communicated directly to the persons in question.

Former premier Adrian Nastase had his US visa withdrawn in April 2012, two months before the first final conviction.

U.S. Embassy in Bucharest also reacted, saying that files on visas are confidential, according to the legislation, yet mentioning that the State Department found out there were Romanian citizens who did not qualify for getting visas due to previous criminal convictions, including for involvement in ocrruption deeds.


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