Hungarian Gov’t, a new attack against Romania. Foreign Ministry responds to a propaganda photo

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The Viktor Orban cabinet has launched a new attack on Romania by publishing on an official website of the Government in Budapest a text that accuses the Trianon Treaty of destroying the Hungarian nation, but also a photo of propaganda suggesting that Romania broke away Transylvania from Hungary. The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA- MAE, our note) has reacted with a message on Twitter.

“MFA #Romania strongly condemns the evocation of history by HU high officials through references to the map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before the Treaty of Trianon, which runs counter to the very essence of the EU and its principles, to which #RO remains firmly committed,” the message reads.

The Governmental website ‘About Hungary’ posted a statement by State Secretary Árpád János Potápi, accompanied by a map suggesting that the neighbouring counties have torn away pieces out of Hungary, including Romania being drawn with one hand on Transylvania.

State Secretary Árpád János Potápi has said the Treaty of Trianon destroyed Hungary’s society, economy and political system, reads.

During National Cohesion Day, Potápi said the almost 100 years that have passed since the signing of the Trianon peace treaty is proof of the strong will of Hungarians to survive and keep their country alive. Potápi told M1 television that the treaty was “forced upon” Hungary, and signed 99 years ago on this day in the Grand Trianon chateau of Versailles.

The treaty was aimed at “destroying Hungary’s political system, as well as its economy, military and society,” he said.

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  1. Giles Whilsch says

    The base of that “propaganda photo” is a historical map and the incident, what happened on Thursday shows (AGAIN!!) that Romania still can’t handle the situation.

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