Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, attacks against Romania, EU in Baile Tusnad speech


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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, on Saturday, at the Tusvanyos Summer University, that the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent him a document in which he transmits “what I must talk about and what I must not talk about.” “They tell me not to talk about delicate things, I won’t talk about them,” he added.

He also stated that Hungary supports Romania’s accession to Schengen. Viktor Orbán also said that we are living in a dangerous time in human history and the balance of power in the world has changed and now we are suffering the serious consequences of this. “The EU is scared of competition and closing itself in an economic, political and cultural ghetto”.

“We got here safely. We are fighting for Christian values ​​and we must stand by and we need our Romanian Orthodox brothers. I always wonder what I should talk about here. Every year I receive auxiliary materials. In an official document, the Romanian state advised us not to talk about things that could offend Romanian sensitivities, the collective rights of minorities, the non-existent Romanian administrative units. They are probably thinking of Transylvania and the Szeklerland, but I did not claim for a minute that these are Romanian administrative units. I will not talk about them, about what could offend the Romanians. We are not talking about the collective rights of minorities. I’m not going to talk about it, but I believe they exist.

I should avoid, the document also says, the revisionist and xenophobic approach to approaches to migration. OK. It’s a time capsule. I remember a bench. So I’m not going to talk about that. But if we still received this document, then what do we recommend? Well, first of all, if the president of Romania comes to Hungary and has received an invitation, we are not going to tell him what to talk about and what not to talk about. Romania’s biggest ambition, Schengen accession, is supported by Hungary and a main objective is Romania’s Schengen accession. Romania has a new prime minister, we wish him luck, he is the 20th since I have been prime minister,” said Orban.

“We are approaching a collision with China. In the last 300 years there have been 16 cases where a winner has been added to the world powers. In 12 cases it was through war. Experience shows us that the dominant world power sees itself as better than it is and attributes more negative qualities to the challenger than they really are. The collision between the US and China is much more possible than we see. The good news is that war is not inevitable. A new balance must be found. We are not playing in this match.

Let me also say about the EU. The EU is anxious and feels cornered, it has good reason to feel that way. The EU looks good. It is a rich union that sees around it a world full of fears, brutal development and unprecedented consumption. Millions want to come to Europe and it is a wave that we cannot stop, it will cross the Mediterranean Sea,” Orban added.

Orban also said that if we also take a look at the IMF we can see that in the top 10 countries in 2030 we will no longer see France, Great Britain; Germany will only be in 10th place. “The EU looks like a boxing champion who shows off his belts but doesn’t want to get in the ring. We will close ourselves in a cultural economic ghetto. The EU can be decoupled from Russian energy, but it is only an illusion, because Russia cannot be decoupled from the other areas of the world. We are losing our competitiveness. Today we want to enter this competition, but energy costs have doubled, while China has them the same or lower. The big European companies don’t want to disengage, they don’t even want to leave Russia. 1,400 large Western firms, or 8.5%, left Russia. The mining, energy, pharmaceutical industry remained in Russia. 3.5 billion dollars poured into Russia last year. So that attack by the Ukrainians is nothing but Hungarianophobia.”

Orban accused that the EU refuses the Christian heritage, wants to change the population. “This federalist government has led us to an empire that we cannot call to account. We love Europe for nothing, we have to fight. We don’t want everyone to have the same faith, but we care about one thing. We have a common culture and faith, and that is what we Hungarians must protect. We will not back down. In Europe we will hold on to our rights. We have been building the new economic system for 13 years. It worked very well. Our plan was that by 2030 there would be a safe and prosperous Hungary. We are fine with the objectives. Performance has tripled in the last 10 years. ”

PSD retorts

PSD MEP Victor Negrescu wrote on Facebook, following the anti-European speech of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, from Băile Tușnad, that it is illustrative of the failure of illiberal politics, “Hungary being increasingly isolated”. He added that “any revisionist reference regarding Transylvania is nonsense.”

“European values ​​are what allow us to live in peace and quiet in Transylvania, respecting the rights of everyone, including the Hungarian minority in Romania. And any revisionist reference regarding Transylvania is obviously nonsense. Those of us who know the realities of the area know this very well. Viktor Orban’s anti-European speech in Tušnad is, in fact, illustrative of the failure of illiberal politics. Today, Hungary is increasingly isolated, it ranks first in terms of inflation in Europe, it has blocked European funds and it is facing a lack of basic products. This is proof of the “economic, political and cultural ghettoization” promoted by this political model”, Victor Negrescu also wrote on Facebook.

He also emphasized that more important than the “malicious speech” are the “exponential demographic decline of the Hungarian community in our country, its low level of knowledge of the Romanian language, as well as the strict control of the European Commission regarding the Hungary-Romania cross-border program generated by the repeated violations of European legislation by the Budapest executive”. “A relevant aspect for us is to avoid cultural isolationism and facilitate inter-ethnic dialogue. The illiberal and anti-European doctrine does not and cannot represent a model for Romania”, said the MEP.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    Nobody in the EU can counter argue here. We all know he speaks the Truth. PSD reply is a different matter that is in the cooking from Orban.

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