Hungarian PM Viktor Orban: Romanians should understand that for us, the centennial is no reason for festivity

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Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said on Saturday, during the ‘Tusvanyos’ Summer University at Baile Tusnad, that for the Hungarians the Great Union centennial does not represent a festive moment.

“One hundred years ago, Romania entered the modern times. (…) We understand that, from their point of view, it is a festive moment, but in turn, they should understand that for us the centennial is no reason for festivity,” Orban said, according to the official translation, informs.

Orban added that “for one hundred years, Romania does not know what to do with these more than one million Magyars living here.”

The Hungarian PM also said that his country has set 2030 as target to become one “of the best five countries in the European Union, where to live and work,”, but also to contribute to the “wellbeing of Central Europe” along with the neighbouring countries.

“We have resources, we have courage and we’ve shown to our neighbours that those who cooperate with the Hungarians are doing a good thing. We have an offer to our neighbours, focused on the idea that our countries should be connected by highways, railways and energy networks, to harmonize the development of our armies and to develop together the economy and the investments in the Carpathians’ basin. So, we have an offer, to build together the Carpathian basin on the basis of mutual respect,” Viktor Orban said during the 29th edition of the ‘Tusvanyos’ Summer University, organised by the Pro Minority Foundation in Hungary and the Magyar Youth Council in Romania.


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