Hungarian PM Viktor Orban to attend Balvanyos summer university this weekend

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Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban is coming to Romania to attend the summer university in Baile Tusnad (Bálványos), Harghita county, on Saturday, where he is expected to talk about Europe’s future, but also about  issues related to the Carpathian Basin’s fate and about political and economic topics of interest for the Hungarian community living in Transylvania.

According to the programme revealed by the organizers, the Hungarian PM will have a joint press conference with MEP Tokes Laszlo, also leader of the National Council of the Magyars in Transylvania (CNMT), a conference to be moderated by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, Nemeth Zsolt.

The Balvanyos summer university will be also attended, among others, by the Hungarian deputy PM, Semjen Zsolt, ministers of the Government in Budapest, leaders, MPs, mayors of the political parties and platforms representing the Magyar minority in Romania, as well as Magyar bishops and university professors.

Organizers say invitations have been also sent to some Romanian dignitaries, but they declined to take part in the summer university in Baile Tusnad. Yet, the Romanian authorities will be represented there by politicians, analysts and journalists.

The 29th edition of the Balvanyos Summer University is taking place July 24-29.

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