Hungary accuses President Iohannis of inciting to hatred following statements on Szeklerland autonomy law. MAE: Szijjarto diverted Iohannis’ message


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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has retorted to President Iohannis’ statements on the autonomy of Szeklerland, saying that the Romanian president “had made a rude statement that incites to hatred”.

“It must be clear to Mr. President Iohannis that most part of the Magyars living in Transylvania and Szekler areas have voted for him in the presidential elections. This must be clear for everyone. That’s why, our request and call for Romania’s President is simple: more respect for Magyars!”, said the Hungaria FM in a video message on Facebook.

We are interested in maintaining a good relation with Romania because we are important economic partners, but also as the interest of the Magyars living in Transylvania and Szekler areas is that the two states have normal relations. Unfortunately, the representatives of the Romanian state, one by one, have made statements in the past days that are particularly hindering the good neighbourly relations“, Peter Szijjarto added.

In retort, the Romanian Foreign Ministry has stated that the Hungarian FM “has regrettably diverted” the meaning of the Romanian President’s statements on the draft law on the Szekerland autonomy.

“The Hungarian official is totally and regrettably diverting the meaning of the Romanian President’s statements over the draft law on the so-called <Szeklerland>, a topic that is exclusively related to one of Romania’s domestic debates on a legislative action that is contradicting the Romanian Constitution, and the Hungarian part is not entitled to take a stance on this topic,” reads a MAE press release.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry considers the statements of the Hungarian official labeling President Iohannis’ as hate speecg  as “provocative and inappropriate”, adding that “it is necessary that the Hungarian side revises its own attitudes and actions that show lack of respect for Romania and for the Romanian high-ranking officials”.

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