Hungary is strong enough to take responsibility for the Magyars in Transylvania, PM Orban says

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Hungary is strong enough to take responsibility for the situation of the Magyars in Transylvania, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in Romania on Sunday, as quoted by MTI.

The Hungarian premier attended the sanctification service of the Reformed church in Floresti commune, Cluj county, which was built with funds worth EUR 2 RON allotted by the Hungarian Government.

Where it is work, will to act and unity, the help won’t be late. We are proud that the Hungarian Government had the chance to support the completion works of the church,” Orban stated.

He asked the Magyars from Transylvania to support protecting the communities’ unity, while pleading for endorsement in the view of the general elections from Hungary in 2018.

We, Hungarians, will be able to have a future and to protect the community, the buildings and the intellectual patrimony only if stick together. We’ll have a future if we create the conditions so that you could live in the country where you want. Western Europe- out of negligence or naivety- has hidden the religious symbols and turned its back from its own culture, without realizing that, by doing this, it gives up its own future,” Orban added.

UDMR, FIDESZ agree on projects targeting the Magyar minority in Romania

Viktor Orban’s party, FIDESZ, also met UDMR in Cluj the past weekend and agreed on several short, medium and long term projects for the Magyar minority living in Romania.

According to UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor, FIDESZ and the Hungarian Gov’t support the Union’s projects related to the extension of the Magyar community’s rights, including re-setting up the Roman-Catholic Seminary in Targu Mures.

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