Hungary warns it could be soon forced to build a fence at the border with Romania

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Hungary is ready to build a metal fence along the border with Romania, as the current situation regarding migration may not leave room for avoiding such a decision, the government in Budapest said.
“We are ready to build a fence at the border with Romania in order to stop the migrants and there are high chances that such a thing might not be avoidable,” Janos Lazar (photo), PM Viktor Orban’s head of cabinet, said on Thursday.
Janos Lazar underscored that the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary) supports, first of all, the proposal of securing the Greek borders.
“The real debate is whether we can help or not the Balkan states,” Lazar said, adding that a second security line should lie between Greece and the Schengen area.
Janos Lazar warned last week that Hungary is ready to build a metal fence at the border with Romania, at any time, in the context of higher migration pressure in the area, a threat to the country’s security. “As of spring, Hungary will probably be exposed to fresh pressures and we are ready to build another fence, this time at the border with Romania,” Lazar said at the time.

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