Igor Dodon to Klaus Iohannis: Let’s behave like neighbours, with each other minding their own business

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The pro-Russian president of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has asked Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis to give up statements referring to how Moldovan politicians should behave, Deschide.md reports.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Dodon said that, if previously “it was allowed” that someone should come with assignments to the Presidency in Chisinau, this won’t be tolerated in the future.

I addressed to the Romanian officials not once, even by official letter, and asked them to explain their attitude over the union movements in Republic of Moldova. <Do you endorse them or not?>”, he said.

“I saw statements by prime ministers in Romania when they were saying that the Union must be accomplished. I saw that the Moldovan officials were silent on this. I saw Mr. Iohannis’ statement saying that the president of the Republic of Moldova must rule in compliance with the Constitution. I want to reply to colleagues, friends: <Maybe messages saying how the Moldovan President should behave have been accepted until now. We have state institutions that can provide answers regarding the constitutionality of the presidents’ decision and actions. I didn’t come up to say Iohannis why he would not name Dragnea as prime minister. I am not mixing in your home affairs. Why does Iohannis make considerations related to the actions of Republic of Moldova’s president? I have a request. Please, will we behave like neighbours, with each other minding their own business?”, the Moldovan president pointed out.

Dodon added that he “esteems” the Romanian leadership, but he expects the feeling to be a mutual one. In this respect, he didn’t rule out that after the visit in Brussels he would pay official visits to Bucharest and Kiev.

Meanwhile, the Moldovan head of state seeks to increase his powers to initiate snap elections. Dodon heralded on Tuesday evening that he is preparing a national referendum to increase the head of state’s powers, so that he could dissolve the Parliament and initiate early general elections, according to Radio Chisinau.

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