IMAS poll: Liberals and Social Democrats on decline

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Liberals and Social Democrats are dropping in the voters’ preferences according to a May IMAS opinion poll commissioned by Europa FM, while Pro Romania continues to be on a upward trend.

PNL would obtain 32.6% in parliamentary elections, as against 33% in the April poll. Liberals have lost 15 percents since January, when they were credited with 47.4%.

PSD has also lost almost two percents in May compared to April, down to 23% compared to 24.8% in April.

USR has increased by almost one point from 10.8% to 11.6%, while their alliance partners from PLUS stand at 5.1%.

Victor Ponta’s Pro Romania has though reported the highest increase, reaching 11.2% in May from 8.2% the previous month. Pro Romania had only 3.8% early this year, thus gaining almost seven and a half percentages in five months.

UDMR would win 5.1% of the votes, as against 5.5% in April, while PMP and ALDE are below the electoral threshold: PMP-3.7% and ALDE- 4.2%.

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