IMAS poll: PNL ranks first, USR-PLUS close to PSD score

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USR-PLUS Alliance is reporting a 3 pc increase in the latest IMAS opinion poll, commissioned by Europa FM in October, climbing to 20.4%. Practically, USR-PLUS alliance has a better score than PSD had last month.

PNL is dropping by 2 pc, being credited with 32.6% as against September.

PSD is credited wit 21.7%. Pro Romania would get 8.9%, while ALDE -2.5%, but meanwhile the two parties have merged into a single party.

UDMR is the only political party that would enter Parliament, being credited with 5.1%.

PMP is to the limit, with 4.8%

The opinion poll was conducted by IMAS during October 7-28, on a sample of 1,010 people.

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