IMAS survey: PSD returns to over 30%. USR soars by 5%, PNL slightly down

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The Social-Democratic Party (PSD) managed to grow by 4% percent from one month to the next, according to an IMAS survey, conducted upon USR’s request, ‘Adevărul’ newspaper informs. The party headed by Dragnea is close to 32%.

PNL, the main opposition party, has fallen slightly, while USR registered a spectacular increase – by nearly 5%, overtaking the Romania Together Movement (MRI) led by former PM Dacian Cioloş. The explanation is related to the referendum on traditional family in October.

Thus, the survey conducted in October by IMAS reads: PSD – 31.9%, PNL – 26.1%, USR – 14.3%, ALDE – 11.6%, MRI – 10.7%, UDMR – 5.4%

The September the figures revealed exclusively by ‘Adevarul’ were: PSD – 28.1%, PNL – 27.1%, USR – 9.5%, ALDE – 11.4%, MRI – 10.1%, UDMR – 5.6%

Early in October, the referendum initiated by the Coalition for Family took place. Although the referendum has failed, PSD, the party that has positioned itself in favour of the traditional family, has grown in polls. On the other hand, PNL, which was troubled by the internal conflict between the conservative wing and the liberal wing, fell by one percent.

On the other hand, USR, the only party which stood against the constitutional amendment, had a spectacular growth of almost 5%.

Dacian Cioloş’ party, which in turn boycotted the referendum, has registered insignificant growth, while ALDE, who urged voters to vote according to their own conscience, stagnated.


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