IMF criticizes the special pensions

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International Monetary Fund (IMF) is concerned about the reintroduction of privileges on special pension.

“In the past, the special pensions were a significant fiscal burden for Romania. The removal of such regimens over four years ago was an important step towards restoring the viability of the social security system. We see with concern the gradual restoration of these privileges and the reforms compromising that have improved public finances,” Guillermo Tolosa (photo), the International Monetary Fund’s resident representative stated on Friday for Mediafax, informs.

The Parliament on Tuesday passed by 303 votes to 124 the draft regarding the special pensions for lawmakers.

The bill completing Law 96/2006 regarding the Deputies and Senators Statute stipulates special pensions for the lawmakers. 255 deputies and senators endorsed it, but subsequently the Liberals withdrew signatures.

The draft says the special pensions could reach over RON 4,000 for a MP who have three mandates.

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