Independent candidate Valeriu Nicolae, only 17 votes to reach the electoral threshold


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Independent candidate Valeriu Nicolae said on Friday that he had filed 28 complaints as he has suspicions that some of the votes he got had not been correctly accounted. Nicolae said he is just 17 votes away from reaching the electoral threshold and obtain a deputy seat in the future Parliament and that through the complaints previously filed he had managed to recover 29 votes.


On Thursday, Nicolae had announced that he had missed 31 votes to obtain a deputy seat following the recent parliamentary elections.
“It’s only my fault that I failed to obtain a seat in Parliament (the chances that those 8 appeals I filed to be accepted are minimum). 31 votes have been missing, there were over 16,300 people who voted for me. I am really sorry for those people who put some a lot of heart in the campaign”, Nicolae posted on Facebook.
However, he says that there were a lot of remarkable things, such as that he managed to gather the most numerous votes for an independent, he managed to “shatter” Gabriel Oprea, he won more votes in Bucharest than many parties countrywide, including the Roma Party.
“The fact that I have almost as many votes as ProRomania and PMP in one district of Bucharest, although I had zero presence in the media and a total budget under EUR 2,000 is super. But I still lost”, he pointed out, adding he could have done things better.
Valeriu Nicolae, known as a very involved social activist, with many projects and achievements for the children in the poorest communities from Bucharest and other cities, and former secretary of state within the Labour Ministry in the Ciolos Cabinet, used to be a member of USR-PLUS, but he resigned in April 2019, before the EP elections.
Although a close colleague of PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos, he announced his resignation from the party in April 2019. Nicolae, who was also running for a MEP seat on the Alliance 2020 lists, explained “he has no stomach for politics” and that he resorted to the resignation as he felt he risks losing some dear friends and that it was a lot of pressure.
Nicolae also underlined that Dacian Ciolos remains “the coolest man” he has ever worked with, arguing USR-PLUS alliance deserves to be voted.
Nicolae ran as independent for the 2020 parliamentary elections.

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