Inquiries after a former bartender has been hired as engineer at Romanian Waters

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PM Florin Cîțu has asked the Control Body to investigate the situation from the “Romanian Waters” National Company after the journalists from Recorder had published an article reporting about the political appointments at the helm of the company’s local subsidiaries of some under-qualified people. For instance, Recorder wrote about Petru Avram, vice-president of PNL Iasi organization named as manager of Prut-Barlad Water Administration who used to recommend himself to his subordinates as “a political animal who will become at least minister”.

At the same institution, a young woman, Simona Iancu (photo), who used to be a bartender in a bar in Iasi, has been appointed within the department managing the defence against floods in an engineer position.

Simona Iancu, who claims she graduated the Chemistry Faculty, did not manage to answer some simple questions such as what is the unit of measurement of the water flow, which is the left shore or the right shore or which is the functioning law of the National Administration of the Romanian Waters,

Prut-Bârlad  Water Administration has several counties from Moldavia under its authority, counties that are affected by floods on a regular basis.

The PM asked for investigations in these cases. “As I promised, I am asking for professionalism, integrity, competence and transparency during my term as PM. This message is not only for those in management positions, it is for all those working in the public sector.

-no criminally prosecuted in public offices;


-no nepotism;

-no conflicts of interests”, PM Citu posted on Facebook.

In his turn, Environment Minister Tánczos Barna stated that in maximum two weeks he will start “a punctual investigation” on the appointments at the “Romanian Waters”, an institution that has a fundamental role in managing floods. The minister told DigiFM that hiring under-qualified people on political grounds is “unacceptable”.

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