INSCOP poll: AUR climbs down after Russia invaded Ukraine. PNL back in second place


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The first opinion poll conducted after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia shows a decrease in the popularity of AUR among Romanians. The party decreased by 3.5% compared to February, according to data posted by the director of INSCOP Research, Remus Ștefureac.

Instead, the voting intention for PNL increased by 3.3%, and the party thus rises to the second place in the preferences of Romanians.

The INSCOP MONITOR national survey was conducted between March 2-7, 2022, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

 “The effects of the war on the political options of Romanians are already visible,” Ștefureac posted on Facebook.

PSD leads in the ranking of voting intention with 32% (32.7% in February). The Social Democrats are followed by the PNL which returns on the 2nd place with 19.9% ​​(16.6% in February).  AUR suffers a decline to 18.9% (22.4% in February). USR stagnates, registering 10.8% of options (10.3% in February). PSD and USR have maintained their electoral score before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The slight increase of the PNL could be assigned to the intense recent activity of the president and the prime minister who are gaining points against the background of very high visibility in association with credibility landmarks such as NATO and the EU. The slight decrease of AUR can be explained by the disappearance of the party from the forefront of public attention, doubled by accusations brought by the media and political opponents regarding pro-Russian attitudes of some members or people associated with this party”, explained Remus Ștefureac .

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