INSCOP poll: AUR climbs to second position after PSD


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AUR, the new political party on the Romanian political scene, is up in the polls, surging to 20.6%, according to a INSCOP poll conducted this month. The score puts AUR, led by George Simion, second in the voters preferences ranking, after the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which yet sees a slight decline in the first month of 2022. Social Democrats are credited with 34.3% compared to 36% in December 2021.
According to INSCOP, PNL is also falling, reaching 16.6% as against the previous month when it had 17%.

On the other side, USR reports a slight increase from 12% to 12.5%.

The quarrels between the ruling coalition parties amid the energy bill crisis directly affect their intention to vote. For now, the impact is under control, but the problem risks becoming a major threat if the relationship between PSD and PNL is not harmonized and the two parties do not come up with solutions instead of political disputes. After the catastrophic political crisis at the end of last year, people no longer want to hear about political quarrels and will have no patience and no tolerance for the parties that will provoke them”, explained INSCOP manager, Remus Ștefureac.

He also opined that the coalition tensions and delays in providing solutions to social problems continue to fuel AUR’s increase. “If on military security, due to Russia’s threats, we notice a very strong increase in confidence in NATO, in the EU, in the West, auspicious for the nation’s morale, domestic / domestic social and political issues will continue to fuel the voters’ adherence to ultra-populist speeches”.

The opinion poll was conducted by INSCOP Research commissioned by the STRATEGIC Thinking Group think-tank, during January 11-18,  2022, by phone interviews.

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