INSCOP poll: PSD ranks first, PNL second, AUR third

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A INSCOP poll conducted in June ranks the Social Democratic Party (PSD) first in the voters’ voting options- 30.2% in June on the rise compared to May 2019 (25.5%).

The National Liberal Party (PNL) ranks second with 26.6%, followed by AUR- 14.2% and USR-PLUS – 13.2%.

The statistics are extracted from the opinion poll “Public Mistrust: West versus East, the rise of the nationalist backlash in the era of misinformation and fake news”-Second part, commissioned by the STRATEGIC Thinking Group think-tank, within a research project supported by The German Marshal Fund of the United States – and financed byBlack Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation through True Story Project.

The poll shows that PSD has reported the highest increase, from 25.5% in May 2019 to 30.2% in June 2021.

PNL ranking second has registered a slight fall of 1 percent, from 27.7% in May 2019 to 26.6% in June 2021, while USR-PLUS, credited with 16.5% in May 2019 would have climbed down to 13.25 in June 2021.

AUR, the party that was not on the Romanian parties’ list in 2019, has 14.2%, with a decline though compared to February 2021.

“Normally in the first 6-12 months after coming to power, the ruling parties should have had significantly higher scores than the ones obtained in elections. Yet the situation is different, as the ruling parties have a voting intention similar or even below the elections of December 2020. There are more explanations starting from the distrust climate prompted by the pandemic to the syncopes of the government activity”, says Remus Ștefureac, president Strategic Thinking Group, in a Facebook post.

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