Interim Justice minister won’t give criminal codes amendment, vows not to prevent fight against corruption

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Interim minister of Justice Ana Birchall on Saturday said that she wouldn’t give up amending the criminal codes, yet assuring that amendments will be operated only after an ample dialogue with the representatives of the judiciary and within the limits of the decisions taken by the Constitutional Court.

Birchall stated that she wanted “the best solutions for the proper course of judiciary” to be found, announcing that she would start a new dialogue on the criminal codes as of Monday. “I’ll try to talk to everybody, including with the civil society, journalists, NGOs, judge associations,” she informed.

Asked if the CSM stances are considered, the interim minister answered that “the Government’s position was pretty clear and the same stance will be supported in Parliament”, hinting to the EO no 13 that has been repealed.

Related to the protesters’ demands against a curb of the sentences, Birchall argued she wouldn’t answer punctual questions unless she consulted with all factors.

„You have my promise I won’t do anything to prevent the fight against corruption, it’s a thing the Government has assumed,” Ana Birchall stated.

Questioned if she asks to remain minister of Justice, Birchall said „it’s the second day (of interim term) and we are already speculating”. „I came here on a fixed-term contract with two targets: to ensure the proper course of the ministry’s daily activity and to bring all to the same table,” she concluded.

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