Interior minister: EUR 200,000 cars bought for the Gendarmerie to provide protection to PSD dignitaries

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Interior minister Marcel Vela has disclosed that the former PSD Interior ministers had bought four vehicles, worth EUR 200,000 each for the Gendarmerie, to provide protection for the Social Democrat dignitaries, as well as hundreds of TVs, worth EUR 1,000 per piece. The minister also added that he had asked the Chamber of Deputies to give back a BMW 7 series bought by the Interior Ministry while it was led by Carmen Dan.

Minister Vela said the money has been spent wrongly instead of new cars being bought for policemen.

“Four new cars were bought for the Gendarmerie in order to protect PSD dignitaries, such a car costs EUR 200,000, with this money 2,000 weapons could have been bought for the policemen deployed on the street”, the minister argued.

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