Interior minister retorts to ex-PM Tudose: “Opportunist, lout, Securitate agent”


After PM Mihai Tudose at the time has also prompted in the cross talk between Interior Minsiter Carmen Dan and DGA head Catalin Ionita (former head of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police), calling Carmen Dan “Liar, aggressive and incompetent”, the Interior minister retorted to the former premier.

Carmen Dan replied that she doesn’t want to beat the bush “on Ionita’s talk”. “Mr. Ionita is a gentleman who wanted to be a character”, she argued.

As for Mihai Tudose, she called him “opportunist” and “lout” among others.

“It is true that Mr Tudose has also wanted to cast light and insisted to become pathetic, for the Romanian politics is full of frustrated sirs who know to fight with women only by offending them. I will give him a short answer: lout, opportunist, Securitate agent. Not necessarily in this order. You choose the order,” Dan stated.

By the way, I just wanted to tell something about the PhD theses, but I will stop from opening this topic anymore, for Mr. Tudose and Mr. Ionita will be get angry again, these doctors in fariseism“, she added.

Former PM Tudose gave Carmen Dan another reply, calling her “a liar” again, and saying she’d better explain the accusations coming from her ministry, including the ones related to the Diaspora rally and also the charges against Bogdan Despescu, former chief of the Romanian Police, who won the lawsuit against her in court.

I have done nothing else but to say what a whole country sees: that she has been proved as a liar (…) She is a a young lady to whom you are not supposed to give the stink-eye, or to speak ill, for her make-up will fall down (…) You are not allowed to behave like this, you are not allowed to lie, I said in January 2018 that she is lying, I had proves that she was lying, it was my word against hers. Back then, “the democracy” inside the party, meaning the supreme boss were on her side, for they are fellow villagers. And I went home, while the lie remained in power. You draw he conclusions,” Tudose told Digi24.

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