Ioan Mircea Pascu’s candidature for interim Commissioner withdrawn


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Ioan Mircea Pașcu has announced this morning that Romania’s ambassador to the EU, Luminița Odobescu had withdrawn his candidature for the interim Commissioner seat after Corina Cretu‘s resignation following EP elections. Pascu says the withdrawal decision has been taken by PM Viorica Dăncilă.

“Last minute: I have been informed by Mrs. Ambassador to the EU, Luminița Odobescu, that she had been instructed to withdraw my candidature for the position of interim Commissioner! I take note and comply with the decision! More to follow….”, Pascu says in a Facebook post.

On Tuesday evening, Pascu told Digi24 that he will go for hearings for the interim position if the prime minister is not withdrawing his bid.

Previously, the CONT Committee chairwoman Monica Hohlmeier sent a letter to the EP President David Sassoli asking him to not accept the nomination of two interim commissioners, Pascu including, claiming increased costs mounting to EUR 2 million for both commissioners.

The EPP leader Manfred Webber also urged the Romanian Government to follow the example pf the Estonian Cabinet and withdraw nomination for an interim Commissioner.

The President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has announced on Tuesday the structure of her future EC and the assigned portfolios. Rovana Plumb is Romania’s proposal and has been assigned the Transports portfolio.

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