Iohannis, “almost” determined to call referendum on justice on May 26


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During a debate with the civil society on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis has stated that he “is almost determine” to call a referendum on the same day with the EP election, on May 26 and that an intense work on this topic is under way at the Presidential Administration.

I have repeatedly said that things must be evaluated in several aspects. Many times, will is one thing and the power is another thing. I didn’t want to call a referendum without reason, so that people would not come to polls (…) I started to analyse with my team from Cotroceni how would be to summon a referendum precisely on the date of the EP elections. They were not so enthusiast in the first place. We are already working intensely on that. We are analysing dates, the legal part, etc”, the Romanian president told the debate “President or citizen/politician and civil society” held within the International Documentary and Human Rights Film Festival organised by One World Romania.

He said he is “almost determined” to call this referendum.

I am almost determined to call a referendum on May 26 when elections for the European Parliament also take place. Leave me a margin owed to an in-depth need, to a in-depth debate. If I call a referendum, then I want to have people and the civil society as partners, Romanians who want to send a clear message and for this we have been working very intensely for a week”, the head of state explained.

Iohannis argued that he would like the Romanian people to “clearly say if they tolerate corruption anymore or if we draw a line and say <enough>”.
The big public systems, education, justice are resilient and resistant enough, but once they start creaking, things are slow at fixing. I hope to see those days when this rambling is not coming back anymore and to return to the democratic act”, the President added.
New attacks on PSD, President regrets he had no Gov’t to work with
At the same time, Iohannis has slammed ruling PSD again, saying it is a democratic accident that has “a proxies-type” Government. In the President’s view, PSD has won elections but thinks it owns Romania, which proves that Romanians have believed too easy that politics is none of their business.
Asked if liberties start to fade away in Romania and if he thinks a zero moment is needed, the Romanian President replied: “God forbid of a zero moment. I think we are in an important stage where we should reinforce what we have built. The fact that we ended up with this democratic accident, with a proxies-like Government, with a party that won elections and thinks now that it owns Romania proves that we have bee relaxed too easy or thought too fast that politics is none of our business. This accident of democracy is less due to PSD and more to the low turnout. Let’s go to polls to voice our opinion, not the one of someone else.”
On the other hand, President Iohannis said the regret of his current term that will end soon is that he hasn’t found a Government with which he can collaborate, voicing hope that he will have a partner in the Executive during his second term.
Questioned about the Ciolos Cabinet, Iohannis said it had administered Romania “reasonably”, which did what it could do best. “But a Government must rule, to come up with policies, to legislate, much more than a technocrat government could do”, he added.

The President said PSD had lied in all fields and people are “shocked” of the way they legislate, as we have dealt with the perversion of the state and of the democratic rules in the past years.

Am I to blame for there are no hospitals or toilets in the back yard? The solution is at the Government, not at the president. the reality is that we are being lied in all fields, while in democracy. This is called the dictatorship of the majority that may appear in a democracy that is not working well. You cannot say in a democracy that you do what you want for you won the elections, but that what you can do if you won elections”.

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