Iohannis announces new restrictions: Two-week vacation for all pupils, mandatory facemask


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President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday that, starting Monday, pupils will go on vacation for a period of two weeks.

“It is obvious that schools are severely affected, both pupils and teachers who are infected. Normally, starting Monday, there will be a holiday for the little ones. It was decided today that this holiday will be valid not only for the primary cycle, but also for the secondary schools and high schools for two weeks. So, starting Monday, it is a school holiday,” Iohannis told a press statement at Cotroceni Palace after the working meeting with government officials on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic

President Iohannis also announced that, starting next week, more restrictions will be enforced to stop the pandemic. Thus, the facemask will become mandatory to wear “everywhere,” movement will be restricted during night, except for the people who are vaccinated, the same as the access to various activities, which will only be allowed only based on the green certificate.

“Until you are all convinced that you need to get vaccinated, unfortunately, we need to impose these restrictions, to take care of the most vulnerable (..) When talking about individual protection, it is no coincidence that we came with a facemask. Starting on Monday, the facemask becomes compulsory to wear everywhere, again. You must wear a mask, both indoor and outdoor, at school and at fairs, at the cinema, when you walk on the street. It is unfortunate, but we need to impose restrictions, which will come into force as of Monday. The Government will decide on Friday, in very specific terms, what will be the precise restrictions coming into force. This will happen after the National Committee and experts will establish all the details and transpose them into legal terms,” said the Romanian President.

Iohannis detailed on some restrictions to be enforced.

I want to give you some examples, but I will not cover all restrictions. For instance, movement at night will be restricted for those who are unvaccinated, except for those who can prove they are outside for work purposes. During the day, access to most activities will only be allowed based on the green certificate, with the unvaccinated to face, unfortunately, a lot of restrictions. The situation will improve gradually, as more people will understand to get vaccinated so that we can overcome this pandemic,” he underlined.

As a matter of fact, the head of state has emphasized that vaccination is the only solution to stopthe pandemic, insisting on the need for restrictions.

We talked about vaccination, schools and restrictions. I want to be very clear from the get go: if we want the pandemic to stop, vaccination is the only solution. Vaccination stops the pandemic,” Iohannis stressed.

He exemplified with the situation of vaccination in other countries.

“I know there are many who tell you that this is not the case. Let’s see what happens in the world: in Western Europe, where there was mass vaccination, 70-80% of people have got vaccinated, there is relaxation, the pandemic virtually has no impact. In our part of Europe, where the world is reluctant for various reasons, reluctant to get vaccinated, we are in full swing of a pandemic wave, and in Romania there has been a real catastrophe with hundreds and hundreds of deaths every day, with tens of thousands of people getting infected on a daily basis. So, dear Romanians, if you want to end this pandemic, get vaccinated, if you don’t want to end up in hospital or intensive care, get vaccinated,” Iohannis said.

The President told the Romanians not to believe those who lie to them that the vaccine would be dangerous.

“The only thing that happens if you get vaccinated is that you get rid of the disease and you get rid of serious forms of the disease, and we, as a society, get rid of this pandemic once and for all. We need restrictions by which we can take care of the most vulnerable,” Klaus ohannis concluded.

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