Iohannis at the Munich Leaders Meeting: “Our solidarity with Ukraine must continue”


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Transatlantic unity in the context of the war in Ukraine was “a strategic surprise for Russia”, President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday, at the opening of the Munich security conference, Munich Leaders Meeting, held in Bucharest.

“The irrational war launched by Russia on February 24 is not only an aggression against Ukraine, but also a frontal assault on the fundamental values ​​and principles that support the Euro-Atlantic security architecture,” said President Klaus Iohannis.

The Romanian President underlined that the solidarity with Ukraine must go on.

“The Euro-Atlantic community emerges stronger and more robust from this crisis. We are more united, more determined to defend our fundamental values: democracy, human rights, the rule of law and the right of each nation to choose its friends and allies. Unity also means solidarity. Our solidarity with Ukraine must continue in a coordinated manner. All partners must offer Ukraine what it needs to defend its sovereignty and democracy as long as it is needed,” said the president.

“Now, our common strength, robustness and democratic values ​​are put to the test in a historic way. Nine months after the conflict in Ukraine began, we have learned lessons that are obvious. Two results are very clear. First of all, our transatlantic partnership has emerged stronger from this crisis. Secondly, the Black Sea region has demonstrated its strategic importance for Euro-Atlantic security and global stability”, the head of state said.

On this occasion, President Klaus Iohannis thanked the “allies and friends” who showed solidarity and unity, including by strengthening the presence on NATO’s eastern flank. “The Black Sea region has long been a prime target for Russia’s aggressive behavior and for testing our commitment to regional security and stability,” the president said.

Klaus Iohannis also spoke about the need to support the Republic of Moldova in the face of threats.

“We need to develop long-term support policies for Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia. Our support should ensure that these countries become self-sustainable and able to counter hybrid challenges. As part of the bold decisions to support our partners, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova received the status of candidate for the European Union, while the European perspective of Georgia was recognized. Romania has traditionally been one of the biggest supporters of closer ties between the European Union and these countries. In support of the Republic of Moldova, we launched, together with Germany and France, the Support Platform for Moldova, to mobilize financial assistance from the international community and to support the reforms necessary for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union”, President Klaus Iohannis also said .

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