Iohannis, declared winner of the poll. President validation ceremony takes place on Friday


Chancellor Angela Merkel has again congratulated Iohannis, this time over phone.

The Central Electoral Office (BEC) has completed the centralization protocol of the presidential runoff votes, according to which Klaus Iohannis is declared the winner of the poll, the document following to be submitted to the Constitutional Court (CCR) on Thursday. According to the document, Klaus Iohannis is the candidate who has fulfilled the conditions of art. 81 in the Constitution. CCR is expected to validate elections and its winner on a Friday meeting. The validation ceremony is scheduled at 12.00.

The mentioned article refers to “the election of the President” and foresees, at paragraph (3), that “in case none of the candidates obtained the majority (in the first round of the elections – editorial note), is organized the runoff, between the first two candidates established by the number of votes cast in the first round. It is declared elected the candidate who obtained the highest number of votes.”

Klaus Iohannis obtained 6,288,769 votes validly cast, and Victor Ponta 5,264,383 votes, according to the report issued by BEC. The total number of voters who showed up at the polls is 11,719,344, out of which 10,042,721 voted at their polling station afferent to their residence on the permanent electoral lists, 1,569,668 voted in another locality than the home one, and 106,955 voted at the mobile polls. Of the total votes, 11,553,152 were validly cast and 166,111 were void.

Abroad, Klaus Iohannis obtained 89,73 per cent of votes. 377,651 Romanians have cast their votes in the presidential runoff. The president won the elections in all the polling stations in Diaspora, except for the ones in Palestine, where Victor Ponta had one vote more than him, according to BEC.

In many countries, such as Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Holland, Denmark, over 90 per cent of electors voted for Klaus Iohannis. Most of the Romanians living abroad who expressed their vote were in Italy, where in the runoff 96,600 Romanians went to polls.

Klaus Iohannis, congratulated by Angela Merkel over phone

President Iohannis on Tuesday was congratulated by phone by Angela Merkel for his victory at the presidential elections, the German Chancellor assuring him of support and expressing her conviction that the bilateral relations will be deepened, according to a PNL press release issued on Wednesday.

“Romania’s President-elect, Mr Klaus Iohannis, was congratulated for his victory in the presidential elections on Tuesday, November 18, by the German Chancellor Mrs Angela Merkel, through a telephone call. Mrs Merkel expressed content for the vote received by Klaus Iohannis in Sunday’s poll and stressed that it is a positive sign the fact that the Romanian citizens have made this choice. In his turn, the Romania’s President-elect thanked the German Chancellor for her appreciations,” reads the release.

Merkel was not the only one to react when hearing about President Iohannis’ victory. Thus, Russia on Thursday voiced its hope that after the election of the new president of Romania, the two countries will register a ‘”major change” in their relationships after the break caused by “the critics of Bucharest towards Moscow’s policy” regarding the Ukrainian conflict and other international matters.

According to Agerpres, Russian FM Aleksandr Lukasevici told TASS news agency that Russia “is always open to sincere discussion and to collaborating with neighboring countries, if this collaboration is built on principles of mutual respect and noninterference in home affairs.”


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