Iohannis: ECHR ruling on Kovesi cannot be without consequences. CCR must repeal at once decision on Kovesi’s dismissal

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President Klaus Iohannis has said in a press statement that the ECHR ruling in the case of Laura Codruta Kovesi is unprecedented and cannot be without consequences.

The head of state said that “the Constitutional Court, whose credibility is strongly shaken, has the duty to revise at once not only the ruling regarding Kovesi’s dismissal, but also the rulings on simple statements, even if they are political.”

Defying all arguments that I used to invoke back then, including those underlining the violation of free access to justice for Mrs Kovesi, the Constitutional Court decided to dismiss her from the position of DNA chief, upon the proposal of an infamous minister of Justice (…) The CCR credibility, however affected by some controversial rulings pronounced in the past years, is now even more shaken.

The Constitutional Court is part of the ensemble of the Romanian state authorities and is compelled to observe the Constitution in its turn. From this perspective, CCR has the duty to review at once not only the ruling regarding Kovesi’s dismissal, but also the rulings on simple statements, even if they are political,” Iohannis argued.

He recalled that Romanians had decided at the referendum in 2019 that the Constitutional Court’s duties must be amended, launching a new harsh attack against PSD.

“The ECHR ruling today proves how necessary is a constitutional reform of this institution. Yet, it is obvious that the current Parliament, within the existing political configuration, dominated by the precise party that has patronized Mrs Kovesi’s dismissal, proved it is not capable of taking decisions to protect citizens.

This is the party that, for three years, has made a goal of messing up the entire judiciary system, by building a criminal legislation meant to protect criminals, rather than honest citizens.

For three years, through this project designed against the most elementary rules of a democratic society, PSD has masterminded committees after committees, which were meant to discredit all those who could have prevented them from reaching their goals.

I don’t expect today, after ECHR has ruled that Mrs Kovesi’s fundamental rights have been broken, PSD to rush in setting up a parliamentary committee to investigate why this has been possible.

But I have no doubt that Romanians will sanction PSD, through voting, for all these extremely serious actions”, President Iohannis concluded.

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