Iohannis: GEO on electing mayors in two rounds under discussion within the Gov’t, PNL

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President Iohannis disclosed that a potential emergency ordinance to elect mayors in two rounds is under discussion in the Government and the National Liberal Party (PNL).

“There is such a discussion in the Government and in PNL. I know it from a reliable source. It’s their decision of they want to enforce an amended legislation or adopt an ordinance or if they assume the responsibility in Parliament, any option is possible“, the head of state mentioned.

He argued that his option is that mayors should be elected in two rounds and the county councilmen from among the other councilmen.

PNL, USR, ALDE and PMP voiced support for the law on electing mayors in two rounds, with PSD and UDMR opposing it.

As for taking responsibility on the budget draft law in Parliament, President Iohannis said that “considering a strongly minority government, it is obvious that assuming responsibility is a way to legislate that can function for all laws”.

Asked if he is considering to convene consultations at Cotroceni on early elections, the head of state mentioned he will have “informal talks” with the political leaders on the issue of early elections.

“I will not convene formal consultations on this topic, but I will have discussions with the political leaders, but there will be informal talks, working discussions, and not consultations in the very formal sense of the word,” he explained.

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