Iohannis: Hadn’t been for these sanctions, the dead we are mourning today would have been more numerous

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President Klaus Iohannis said in a press statement today that sanctions imposed during the state of emergency were necessary and that hadn’t been for them the number of victims would have been higher. Iohannis also warned the danger is not over yet, while launching new criticism against the Social Democrats.

“The crisis we are going through is putting to test the endurance, the solidarity and grit of our society and of our political representatives. Now those brave and responsible are seen apart from the irresponsible ones, from the populist and the profiteers who only make false promises (…) We see those who are people of the past, who want to get back to corruption and inefficient governance. They, meaning PSD and their acolytes, are the ones who do all their best that the reconstruction effort of the country fails”, Iohannis said.

The head of state said that Romania had to take all these drastic confinement measures “to protect people and to prevent the spread of Coronavirus”, just like the other states of the world did.

“I saw yesterday how satisfied were some politicians with the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the fines imposed during the state of emergency. It’s another sign of recklessness, senseless and misunderstanding of their mission, but also a proof that these politicians care more about their political benefits than about people.

It’s not surprising at all that these fines are arguable today, although it’s obvious for us all that they were useful to prevent the spread of the virus”.

The President also slammed the Constitutional Court. “However, it’s also surprising the attitude of some authorities, which, through their legal mission, have the constitutional obligation to not lose sight of the general interest of society. I say it with all responsibility, hadn’t been for these sanctions, the dead we are mourning today would have been more!”.

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