Iohannis: I am not content with certain things in the EU. Juncker: I am not either with what’s happening in Romania

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President Klaus Iohannis has told a meeting with the young Europeans in Sibiu on Wednesday that he is not content with certain things in the EU. In retort, the EC President Jean Claude Juncker, also attending the debate, said that he is not content either with what’s going on in Romania.

President Iohannis replied to Juncker while laughing: „That makes two of us”.

Iohannis told the youngsters attending the debate that we already live in „a digital world and we are not prepared”.

„This is something we must take as a huge challenge. We already live in a digital world and we are not ready. You talk about what’s coming, 5G, the next communication generation. Your phone will communicate with your car or the washing machine (…) We have information that experts found hard to decipher ten years ago,” Iohannis pointed out.

In his turn, Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that the world has become „a better place to live in” compared to the period when he was young, and that the major gain of Europe is that there are no more wars here. However, he argued that there are still two major issues: climate change and EU-Africa relation.

Juncker added that he had done what he had promised during his mandate at the EC helm and that in his future mandate he will fight for a EU that should open its borders for those in need.

EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, attended the „Citizens Dialogue” debate in Sibiu, organised by the European Commission on the eve of the EU Summit.

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