Iohannis launches his presidential programme by attacking PSD

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President Klaus Iohannis has launched his programme for the presidential election on Sunday, by slamming PSD for the years it has governed the country.

After almost 3 years marked by the crisis of the rule of law Romania has been thrown in by PSD, after a ruling that failed on its essential dimensions-economic, social, political and institutional, my project proposed to the Romanians is to build together a normal Romania”, Iohannis says.

He argued that important steps had been made to remove PSD from power, warning the fight is not won yet, also voicing concern that “Romania is facing the risk of remaining the only EU country under CVM”.

PSD’s failed govern has suffocated the country through bureaucracy, nepotism, incompetence, corruption, abuses and lack of predictability. The path towards a normal Romania is very difficult , but I am optimist, because today Romanians want to fight for a change“, the President argued.

Iohannis said that, among his priorities, there are modernizing the administration, the independence of justice and enhancing the rule of law, as well as reforming the Education and the healthcare, and to boost investments in the transport infrastructure and digitalization.

“After years of Social-Democrat ruling, our country is unfortunately ranking first on poverty and last on protecting the vulnerable people among all EU countries. It’s sad!”.

“Today, Romania needs transport infrastructure. Unfortunately, we’re short on that, too, on all types of transport: road, railway, sea or air traffic. And PSD knows well why – for they wanted to hold flights on the ground and promises in the air,” Iohannis pointed out.

He also came up with some tasks for the Liberals. “I am convinced the PNL government knows, can and must connect Romania with itself and with the civilised world (…) In agriculture it is essential to get out of the vicious circle of exporting raw materials and cereals, and importing large amounts of foodstuff. Enhancing pubic finances is mandatory to endorse investment, while expenses with salaries, pensions and social assistance must be ensured with priority. I trust we’ll soon have a coherent strategy in order to let behind the legislative chaos of the past years and in order to avoid that politicians play with with the Romanian children’s education anymore”, Iohannis concluded.

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