Iohannis on Anti-Corruption Day: Corruption is a disease killing democracy

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President Klaus Iohannis has delivered a message on the International Anti-corruption Day the past weekend, arguing that honesty and integrity must be restored at all levels of society, as corruption is a disease killing democracy, also stating that he continues to stand by the magistrates who are fighting against corruption.

Corruption is a disease that is killing democracy and is holding captive millions of people in poverty. Corruption means no motorways, insalubrious hospitals, unsafe schools, blocked administration. Romania will not be able to reach its true potential until we manage to defeat this scourge,” reads the head of state’s message also broadcast in video format.

Iohannis underlined that he stands by all the magistrates who are fighting against corruption in Romania on a daily basis with great courage, and that denying corruption must turn from a slogan into a way of being.

“I endorse the fight against corruption for a healthy Romania and I will stand by all the magistrates who are bravely carrying on this fight, on a daily basis. Honesty and integrity must be restored at all levels of our society. It is in our power! A definite NO to corruption must become from a slogan a way of being,” the president said.

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