Iohannis on Vasile Blaga case: PNL is in a complicated situation, has to find a quick solution

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President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday stated that the National Liberal Party is in a complicated situation after the co-chair Vasile Blaga’s resignation following corruption charges against him. The head of state said that the Liberals should find a rapid solution in this case.

“Vasile Blaga’s situation is a very unpleasant surprise. We have to be very realistic. PNL is in a complicated situation. On the other hand, it’s worth remarking that Vasile Blaga withdrew from the party’s helm on the same day he has been prosecuted- I find his attitude as politically correct, but unfortunately it’s not common among all Romanian parties,” Iohannis stated, while adding that Liberals must quickly find a solution.

“PNL will have to find a rapid and good solution, to find a person to run the electoral campaign. The campaign for the parliamentary elections is complicated (…),” the head of state said, explaining that PNL must find a solution “ to turn this crisis into an opportunity, to move quickly enough not only to go by this crisis, but to come out enforced from this crisis.”

He also pointed out that it’s the Liberals’ call if they go for a single chair or for a two-headed leadership.

On the other hand, the President revealed that he hadn’t talked to Vasile Blaga after his resignation, but he did talk to him before going to the National Anti-corruption Directorate office in Ploiesti. “I talked with him on the phone. He called me and told me he was going to the DNA,” Iohannis mentioned.

The National Liberal Party co-chair Vasile Blaga was placed under judicial control on Wednesday in an influence peddling case, while also announcing he resigned from the party’s helm and from the position of campaign head for parliamentary elections.

He says he will prove his innocence.

“Following charges against me, I will prove my innocence to the empowered institutions. I am the guarantor of observing the PNL Statute and of all the party’s decisions. I cannot ask my colleagues to respect the integrity standards, while I won’t. Therefore, I file my resignation today from the position of co-chair of the National Liberal Party and from the one of campaign head for the parliamentary elections this year,” reads Blaga in a press statement, adding: “I will prove my innocence. I won’t make any further comments on this topic,” Blaga told journalists. The Liberal head also revealed he would not run for a new MP seat.

Vasile Blaga was subpoenaed as suspect in a corruption case at the DNA Ploiesti on Wednesday. The corruption charges against him would refer to the 2009-2012 period when Vasile Blaga was MP and also Interior minister.

Further details on his case available here.

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