Iohannis plans consultations to increase number of MPs for Diaspora, says it’s too early for a snap elections deadline

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Klaus Iohannis has announced he is planning to call parties for consultation in the view of increasing the number of MPs representing the Romanians in Diaspora, considering the large number of votes cast by the Romanians living abroad in the recent presidential election.

Iohannis said this will be one of the goals of his second term at Cotroceni, while also vowing for a more intensive mandate as President.

“In the first round in Diaspora a record was set and a second record was set in the runoff, we practically have one million votes. I would like Romanians from Diaspora to be better represented in Parliament and we’ll have talks with the parties to increase the number of MPs representing the Diaspora”, Iohannis stated.

The head of state alsos aid he has high ambitions for his upcoming term, regarding the enhancement of the state and reform of the institutions.

My ambition to enhance, to reset the state, to reform the institution is higher. I admit, I want more and better for Romania and for Romanians. It will be a more intense mandate and with significant results”, he emphasized.

As for early elections, Iohannis pointed out they remain a good option, but the issues must be first debated and prepared.

Early elections are  good solutions and it would be desirable to hold early elections. But now it’s too early to talk about a deadline. The parties themselves are currently rearranging, we have to be a little more patient until things get back on track. I will resume my talks with the political leaders and in the end I will be able to conclude to what extent early elections can be quickly held”, Klaus Iohannis said.

The President confirmed that his contender in the presidential election, Viorica Dancila had called to congratulate him for the victory.

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