Iohannis pleads for center-right government in interview with “La Reppublica”


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The Romanian President-elect Klaus Iohannis told an interview to “La Reppublica” that a Government implementing center-right policies is needed in Romania.

“I shall always be a president looking at the national interests and who can bring politicians together, but I’ll remind them the responsibilities they have in achieving the common goals. I’ll always have an institutional relation with any Government (…) But I believe a more efficient Government is necessary, capable of long-term visions, a government to which center-right policies can offer the necessary solutions,” Iohannis told the Italian newspaper.

He further said that his goal is to enhance and expand U.S., EU and NATO strategic partnerships. “I consider we must overcome the habits of the past. We got out of transition, we found our place among Western democracies. Look at the youngsters, whose votes were decisive at the presidential elections: they live by democratic principles and values and they mobilized in the name of these values,” Iohannis also said.

In the future president’s view, Romania has made good progress in terms of democracy reinforcement, rule of law and independent justice system. “Certainly there are also unfulfilled goals or realities which are not up to our expectations. Now we have to see what is missing, we can assess the situation, we can give up what is not working and we can create something new. It’s a new start, inspired by the eleven points of my presidential program related to health, economy, agriculture and education. As soon as I am vested, I shall start working hard on these goals,” the Romanian President-elect promised.

Questioned on the possibility of a normal relation with Russia led by Vladimir Putin, Iohannis answered: “At present, there is a more difficult situation. A joint action at the European level is needed. Currently, the relation with Russia is influenced by the Ukraine crisis and by the insight of an aggressive policy that is not compatible with the international law. When these obstacles are overcome, we can reconsider the relationship with Moscow.”

As far as the Romanian-Italian relation is concerned, Iohannis sees a more and more wider partnership. “Romania feels at home inside Europe. But there is always room for tighter mutually profitable partnerships. I am confident that Romania and Italy can boost relations at all levels in the future,” the Romanian future president pointed out.


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