Iohannis: PSD must be sent in Opposition


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President Klaus Iohannis has called on Romanians on Thursday to turn out to vote on Sunday, adding that the Social Democrat Party (PSD) “has changed many times its faces, but never its habit,” and that’s why it must be sent in Opposition.

Even if you or the others may think that the PSD is not so bad, in reality, the PSD has changed its faces many times, but never its habit. This is why, PSD must be sent in Opposition or many years, and for that to happen we need to turn out to vote and we need to obtain such a clear vote so that no one ever questions whether the PSD returns or not,” Iohannis told a meeting with his supporters in Galati.

He said “the heroes of the elections are the people with the voting stamp in their hand.”

It is very important to vote because we want to make Romania better, normal, we want to have institutions working for the citizen, good schools for Romanian children, modern hospitals for Romanians, infrastructure which truly leads to the development of regions. I would like Moldavia to be connected to the rest of the country through a motorway, railway, so that investors come here, too, so you can have better paid jobs and people understand that Romania is part of the developed part of Europe. I don’t want Romanians to feel inferior to those in Western Europe,” Iohannis argued.

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