Iohannis: Romania is not a normal country because of PSD

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated in Sibiu that the reason for which Romania has not developed more and hasn’t managed to get rid of communism is called “PSD”.

Klaus Iohannis was awarded the “Victory of normality” prize at the “Liberal women award excellency” Gala, organised by the Liberal Women Organisation and the National Liberal Party (PNL) Sibiu organisation.

In the speech he delivered before the Liberal women, Iohannis spoke about how what a normal Romania means, referring to administration, schools, hospitals, but also the independence of the judiciary.

“Normal Romania is Romania where the law is law for everyone, where the citizen is at the center of the state’s concern and not the other way. Romania is the country where thieves stay in prisons, not at the political buttons. Normal Romania is the country in which politicians encourage independence of the judiciary and the judge’s independence and doesn’t try to place this system under political control. Normal Romania is that Romania where politicians are in office to solve the problems of society, not to solve their own problems, many of them legal problems,” the President pointed out.

In his view, a normal Romania is where schools are equipped and pupils and teachers feel safe, where the sick people can easily find a modern hospital, fully equipped and with a trained staff, with people committed to their jobs. “A normal Romania is that country where Romanians come back, where they can find jobs and where nobody is forced to leave”.

Klaus Iohannis argued that Romania hasn’t managed yet to get rid of communism, not event now 30 years after the Revolution of December 1989, blaming the PSD for that.

“Why haven’t we managed in the past 30 years since the Revolution of December 1989 to have normality in Romania? What is holding us back, who has been in the way for 30 years? Why, after 30 years since we officially say that we got rid of communism, not everyone has the impression that we also got rid of the communists. The reason why Romania hasn’t developed more, better, over the past 30 years, the reason why Romania hasn’t managed yet to fully get rid of communism, this reason is called the PSD,” the head of state said.

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