Iohannis slams unaltered form of the budget law: PSD ruling is toxic for Romania’s stability and for the population’s welfare. FinMin retorts

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President Klaus Iohannis has launched a new attack against PSD ruling, accusing it it is rather interested in „political sponsorships” than in the country’s fate. Iohannis has slammed the fact the budget has been sent back to Presidency without being re-examined and amended, „I would have wanted to promulgate a good budget for Romania and Romanians. It won’t be”, the head of state said.

PSD has also failed the last test of responsibility. The state budget law, which I sent back to Parliament to correct the serious errors in its content, has arrived unchanged for promulgation. One day, this is what PSD has allotted in parliament to re-examine such an important project for the country.

PSD’s refusal to repair a budget that is obviously generating negative effects in economy and that will be felt by citizens is just ill will.

I would have wanted to promulgate a good budget for Romania and Romanians. It was not meant to be! Out of exclusively partisan logic’s, PSD had no care for anything and went further with the budget of national shame! When we have no hospitals and no highways this year, but we’ll have increased prices, new taxes and fees, deficits and economic imbalances, the truth could not be contested anymore: PSD is the only one to blame for delaying Romania’s progress!

President also said that the budget had been excessively delayed just because the Government had approved and sent it to the Parliament for debates with a 3-month delay.

The example of GEO 114 proves that this ruling is toxic for Romania’s economic and financial stability and for the welfare of the population at the same time, and the population is bearing every day the final costs of the PSD’s incompetence and imposture.”

The head of state argued the budget looks good on paper, but is based on the pledge that the budgetary rectification will seal certain holes.

„As for the pensions, I see the Government is just living in a parallel world. No, Mrs. Prime Minister, you did not increase anything in advance! Stop deceiving Romanians and read your own ruling programme, which clearly says that in 2018, the pension point will be RON 1,100 and in 2019 it will be RON 1,265. We are now in 2019 and it is still RON 1,100, not RON 1,265,” Iohannis stated.

Fin Min retorts: Delay in promulgating the budget is unjustified, proposes all parties to sign verbal non-aggression pact

On the other camp, Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici, says that he has received no invitation from the presidential administration for talks on the state budget, while the budget’s adoption has been an occasion for the head of state to make wrong political statements. At the same time, he responded to the Opposition’s criticism that the budget is not sustainable by proposing the opposition parties to sat at the table and sign a verban non-aggression pact.

I am glad Mr. president has decided to promulgate the budget, it’s true the delay of promulgation is unjustified. But, it is a justified budget”, he argued.

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