Iohannis’ successor Astrid Fodor to run for Sibiu Mayor

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Sibiu’s interim mayor, Astrid Fodor informed on Monday she would run for the city’s vacant mayor position. “I will run for Sibiu Mayor if elections are held,” Fodor said. Asked if elections are supposed to be called in 2016 or snap elections are desirable this year, Fodor said she would prefer snap elections. She also underlined she would “definitely” run on behalf of the Democratic Federation of Germans in Romania (FDGR), adding there were no talks on other parties supporting her candidature.

Former deputy mayor of Sibiu, Astrid Fodor became interim mayor after Klaus Iohannis was elected as Romania’s President.

Fodor is born in 1953 and is a jurist. She became local councilor in 2004 and four years later, she was appointed as deputy mayor, joining Iohannis’ team at Sibiu City Hall.

Klaus Iohannis won the elections for Sibiu Mayor fourth times in a row, running on behalf of FDGR. In 2008 and 2012 local elections his candidature was supported by the National Liberal Party, which gave up having its won candidate in exchange for a deputy mayor position.


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