Iohannis summons the CSAT after Russia’s attack on Ukraine: “Romania will not be involved in the military conflict in Ukraine”


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President Klaus Iohannis convened the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) on Thursday, at 11.00, amid the conflict in Ukraine.

The agenda of the meeting included issues concerning the implications for Euro-Atlantic security in the context of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine.

Romania will not be involved in the military conflict in Ukraine, President Klaus Iohannis said at the end of a meeting of the Supreme Council of National Defense. “Russia has chosen the force of the tanks to the detriment of the lives of the people,” says Iohannis, pointing out that Russia is the aggressor, not the victim.

“Unfortunately, this morning Russia has chosen the completely illegal path of violence against a sovereign state. Russia responded with missiles hitting Ukrainian cities. Today, Russia has chosen the strength of tanks at the expense of human life. Russia is the aggressor and the whole planet sees this. But it is never too late for the voice of reason to prevail. The only way out of the crisis is through diplomacy,” the Romanian president started his statement.

He assured the people that our country will not be lured into a war.

“Dear Romanians, I assure you that no Romanian should be afraid for the safety of himself and his family. NATO membership, the partnership with the USA represents a strong solidarity security umbrella. I want to emphasize very clearly: Romania will not be drawn into the military conflict in Ukraine. Romania is ready to deal with any economic and humanitarian consequences that could lead to a lasting conflict between Russia and Ukraine”.

Iohannis also said that a reinforcement of the NATO’s eastern flank is mandatory. “Our force is that we stand united against an aggressor who is threatening the peace of the entire planet. No matter how much harm will do the last revisionists of the history they must know that the world they want to revive has been long gone”, Iohannis stated.

The Romanian President is also attending a special meeting of the European Council on Thursday evening on the latest developments on the security situation at Ukraine’s borders.

The Romanian Army activates the military command points

At the same time, the Romanian Army announced that it has activated the military command points with attributions in monitoring the situation and coordinating the forces and means destined for the concrete situations that may arise.

“The leadership of the Ministry of National Defense has taken all necessary measures to react, both directly to the institution and to support the other components of the national security system, according to the interinstitutional cooperation plans, prepared in advance,” said a statement of the Ministry of Defense “, according to a Ministry of Defense’s press release.

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