Iohannis: The time for internal political struggles is over. The priority is to manage the serious crises we face


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President Klaus Iohannis, attending on Tuesday at the 147th anniversary of the establishment of the National Liberal Party (PNL), held at the National Museum Brătianu – Vila Florica, stated that “the time of internal political struggles is over” and that “the absolute priority is to effectively manage these crises serious issues that we face.”

“The destiny of modern Romania is closely linked to the destiny of the National Liberal Party, to the courage and wisdom of some visionary leaders, who contributed decisively to the reformation of the Romanian society. We must not forget that Romania proclaimed its independence, in 1877, during the great liberal government, and the foundation on which the modern Romanian state was built was liberalism. The liberal policy of I.C. Brătianu made possible an accelerated development of the country. It is good to relate to history from time to time, in order to understand where we started from, what we managed to build in the meantime, but also what we have to do to achieve our goals,” the Romanian head of state pointed out.

“We went our separate ways, me and the National Liberal Party in 2014, when I took over the first term as President of Romania, but in all these years I always stayed with the National Liberal Party and the National Liberal Party with me, because, isn’t it? we are united by the same strong belief in liberal values ​​and principles. These have guided our path and I believe that together we have managed to do a lot for the consolidation of democracy in Romania, for its Euro-Atlantic course and for its development,” Iohannis added.

The Romanian president said that starting with 2020 we are going through an extremely difficult period, with many successive or even overlapping challenges and crises. “Obviously, it is easy, relatively easy to manage in times of prosperity, when things are going normally, but infinitely more difficult when you have to guide the country in troubled times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the current security crisis caused by the war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine. But no matter how difficult it was, no matter how significant the election costs, only one party, worthy of its history and tradition, assumed, without hesitation, the responsibility of the government – the National Liberal Party.”

Iohannis also outlined the goals to be achieved in the upcoming period.

All these major challenges in recent years have led us to make decisions that take into account, first and foremost, the need for stability. We are going through moments when it is necessary to gather the ranks, as they say, and to bring to the same table different political visions, so that the government represents the majority of Romanians. However, this does not mean giving up the principles of liberalism. On the contrary, the premises we have just mentioned lead us in one direction: Romania now has the chance to initiate changes with a long-term impact, and you liberals have a responsibility to be at the core of these far-reaching reforms that will have the effect. modernization and consolidation of the state. Massive investments in strategic areas, such as road infrastructure, hospitals and schools, the efficient management of money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the adaptation, which has already begun, of the education system to the current principles of education sciences, all these are concrete projects on which liberal ministers and parliamentarians have an obligation to bring to an end.”

Having these targets in mind, the President argued that “the time for internal political struggles is over”, as our priorities are on the agenda.  “The National Liberal Party has made all the changes it deems necessary to ensure a leadership capable of guaranteeing a competent government that will provide a chance for future electoral success, in 2024. The PNL currently has an elected leader. Mr. Nicolae Ciucă, with a solid majority of party members, and so we are in the situation that many wanted, for the PNL president to be the prime minister of the Romanian Government. Now, the absolute priority is to effectively manage these serious crises we are facing and to take the best measures to support the population. The National Liberal Party has always been a party for the people, a party that ensures a stable government, with an Executive connected to the challenges of the moment.”

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