Iohannis: ‘Vaccines, once approved, are the only viable solution to end this pandemic’

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Vaccines, once approved by the relevant international bodies, are safe, efficient and represent the only viable solution to end this pandemic, said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis after a meeting with Defence, Interior and Health ministers which tackled the anti-COVID vaccination campaign.

“The anti-COVID vaccine has currently become our hope to get back to a normal life as soon as possible”, and “now, that vaccines have turned into certitude, we start to catch a glimpse of how we can get out of this huge medical crisis”, Iohannis said.

The Romanian head of state said that the anti-Covid vaccination strategy in Romania will be approved in the Supreme Defence Council, in a meeting to be convened in the coming period.

According to preliminary plans, the vaccination will be gradual in Romania, starting with the priority groups, such as:

  • the entire medical staff
  • the staff working in the residential, social and medical centers
  • the population with a high risk of severe evolution of the infection
  • the staff of the key sectors, which are vital for the proper functioning of the society.

According to the head of state, vaccination will be done at work in the case of the medical staff, in the fixed and mobile vaccination centers, through mobile squads, family doctors and the drive-through centers for the other categories of population.

The President mentioned that all mechanisms of supplying, storage, human resources and the action plan of the vaccination had been set.

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