Iohannis warns PNL to not underestimate PSD

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President Klaus Iohannis has attended the meeting of the PNL leadership at the Parliament Palace on Monday to thank them for the involvement in the presidential campaign, but also to give them some hints about the next steps of the government to prepare the local and general elections.

Discussions also tackled the intended initiatives in the Parliament, such as the repeal of the compensatory appeal, the amendment of the justice laws or the steps to amend the electoral laws to enable the elections of mayors in two rounds.

The head of state called on the Liberals to not underestimate the Social Democrat Party (PSD).

PSD took the fall three times this year, but I tell you that PSD has not been totally removed from power. PSD still has a  huge number of MPs, a high number of mayors and therefore, we should enjoy victory, but self-sufficiency would be our greatest mistake,” Iohannis underlined.

He added he expects from the new government total involvement, in order “to have a country without PSD by the end of 2020”.

“PSD doesn’t belong at the helm of the state institutions anymore (…) PSD has inhibited Romania’s growth in the past 30 years. Romanians, too, have proved that they want no more PSD at the top of the state. This is a goal to be pursued in the coming period”, the head of state emphasized.

Sources told mass media that the President had also urged Liberals to fund solutions to replace the Social Democrats from the leadership of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

Iohannis said there is a lot of talk about the compensatory appeal, the elections of mayors on two rounds and others, but argued the main priority now is the 2020 budget draft.

“All will be solved at the right time, I had the request to solve the most urgent thing now, meaning the 2020 state budget. After that we can think at the other issues,” he said, asked about plans on the justice laws.

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