Ion Iliescu for ‘Le Figaro’: PSD should support Tariceanu for presidency

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Former President Ion Iliescu stated, in the controversial interview granted to ‘Le Figaro’, broadcasted Tuesday evening by Realitatea TV private broadcaster, that PSD should support Calin Popescu Tariceanu (ALDE leader – our note) for presidency.

“Realistically speaking, our party should support Mr. Tariceanu, he has more chances. We do not have a personality in PSD to be supported by people. Not enough. Unfortunately,” Iliescu said.

The former President said Tariceanu has huge political experience. “I’ve cooperated with him after the Revolution, He was with the National Liberal Party. Party Chairman was Radu Campeanu.”

Referring to PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, Iliescu said he has a complicated situation due to problems in court.

“There are many quality people with the party. It is however the strongest party and has the largest influence on people. On all social categories. Unfortunately, there are internal fractures. Mr. Dragnea’s personal position is rather complicated due to the problems in court,” Iliescu said.

Ion Iliescu said he does not believe the parallel state exists.

“Many people talk about the parallel state. I remember what this means, what the parallel state means. It’s not about the parallel state, but the weakness of political forces and of the parties may lead to vacuum, which could allow rebel forces, uncontrollable forces, to create this image of parallel state. It does not exist,” the former President said.

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